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Welcome to my Blade MQX Site On The Unique Quadcopter the MQX

To introduce myself, I am known as the Syma Freak on my other site  I am crazy about RC helicopters and have had many years flying and building planes, then I found RC Helicopters, things changed as I got into this hobby 3 years ago.I have now in the last year entered into Quads.. And have hand built a few Quadcopters, some with a wood frame,others plastic, now carbon fibre frames, so have some good experience in Quadcopters also called Quadrocopters.

I will put the specifications for the MQX at the end of this review as I know you want the facts first…


I bought my first Blade MQX Quad from Amazon as a complete RTF (ready to fly) model: I was impressed first off with the way packaged, it came with a charger, MQX , remote, a battery,and some spare blades,which you will need as a beginner, as you will have a few crashes into walls etc as you learn, really easy to control after a few flights as I will explain.


Out of the  box – RTF Blade MQX  you have the  MLP4DSM 4-channel DSM2 transmitter

mqx-DSM2 transmitter

The remote supplied is just ok to me, does have if you push down on throttle stick a easy mode being less twitchy, you have to remember to do that every time you turn on remote. As I have a Spectrum 7 remote I was able to bind Mqx to it and then able to put exponential settings and dual rates into remote for easy flying..This in my opinion was far better flying experience than the remote supplied with the ready to fly version. Having said that the supplied remote will let you do flips and rolls after some practice… better to start flying over grass as a beginner because the MQX is so light there is near to no damage on crashes.

Video On Flipping The MQX

The Pros Of The Blade MQX


To start with the MQX is a lot easier to fly than a coaxial helicopter like say the Syma S107G which is a fantastic heli (Syma 107 review) The Blade MQX Has 4 motors and the new world’s first quad-copter equipped with the advanced AS3X™ (Artificial Stabilization in 3 Axis) System which creates great stability in flight and can help it fly in some windy conditions (not gale force winds).


As you see by the photo above the AS3X Stablization is in the mother board and creates a great flying experience when kicking in the 4 brushed 8.5mm motors and turning the 140mm (5.5 in) rotor blades.


First Blade MQX Set Up


The first thing to do if this is your first flight and using the remote supplied on a rtf model it is in high rate when it is first turned on. I really recommend for your first flight that you use low rates. To internalize to low rates push down on the right transmitter stick when the remote transmitter is turned on. To get back to high rates just depress the right stick again. Important, every time you turn on supplied remote it will go back to high level flights..

Flying in X Mode or “+” Mode


Out of the box, it comes set to fly in “X” which means there are two white props in the front of the MQX and two black blades at the rear and this is really to help you orientation to see which is the front  and rear of the MQX Quad You can however change from “X”  to  “+” flying orientation. Why would you do this?

To me it is better orientation to know the front of the quad: To explain, you have two white props with the canopy supplied pointing in between both of the white props,that is ok.however would you prefer changing the canopy to point to one prop of a white rotor, changing the others to black,do you get my drift here??

To convert to the Plus configuration.Say we are  looking at the MQX from above. Remove the canopy from the frame mqx and rotate it counterclockwise 45 degrees and refit it slotting into required holes on canopy.There is a small screwdriver supplied to fit the screws on the props. Take out the small screw on the side of the white propeller that is now to the right side of the mqx and install the same shaped black extra propeller. (Be sure to use the matching black propeller as both clockwise and counterclockwise black propellers are supplied.) The changing of the propeller is simply to make orientation easier for the pilot. I recommend it be done when changing to the Plus configuration, always take care removing the small screw securing the propeller because there are no extra screws supplied in the box.

 That was just a quick video to give you the heads up on changing your flying experience

Charging the batteries for the MQX Quad:

When you get your MQX Quad either Rtf or Bnf_Bind and fly, you will get a Celectra  charger- just a quick video below to make sure you charge the battery correctly- not the best video but straight to the point..


 Flying your Blade MQX Outside:

This is when things get exciting.The control this  Gyro system gives the Blade MQX  some times better than a bigger quadcoptes that cost a whole lot more. Flying indoors is really easy. However to fly outside say using the base RTF Remote is a little bit tricky but awesome fun. Now this is when I like the fact that can bind to my Spektrum 7 remote and put on expo and dual rates I have tried a few rates,these are mine, but please test your own:

Flying Indoors-My rates:

Elev -EXPO +50%  D/R = 60%

Rudder -Expo +60% D/R = 90%

Now I am always playing around with these settings for inside and outdoor flying, will keep you updated..oh yes I put on my remote as plane not heli mode, just liked it better.Further down will give you my dual rates and expo for out side aerobatic flight.


 Flying Techniques

Taking Off and Landing

I easily apply throttle and she lifts off into a nice vertical hover. The first time she lifted off she had a slight drift forward and to the right. I adjusted her using the trim tabs with a couple of clicks back and to the left, and she has hovered fine ever since that. Landings can be made by reducing throttle while in a hover, and she settles down vertically right where I want her. Alternatively, with a flat surface, just bring her down in basically a level approach and she can slide quite a ways. Long movement touch are a lot of fun and an easy way to get the MQX back to a level configuration when one has been flown very hard and got on to an angle. Slides that look like a plane doing touch-and-go’s are actually very impressive to onlookers, much more so than simple vertical touch-and-go’s, which can look like throttle mistakes.


To be truthful practice this over grass to start with, no damage done on crashes,or very little. Now get a bit of height before doing a flip, I am doing this with expo and dual rates for out side flying aerobatics.I tried a few different approaches some heigh throttle about half way, then pushed my right aileron stick(mode2) to the right for a right flip..was ok, it lost a bit of height so you need to be quick to give the MQX  some more throttle at end of flip.

Next I tried flipping the quad again at some height, then as pushing aileron stick to the right pulled the throttle stick back to zero-the flip was quicker but you then need throttle really fast to stop a grass crash-at this stage I stick with the first method-so throttle up,right push aileron stick for a right flip controlling throttle when correct way up-really just a bit of practice:Then you can do front or reverse loops, just be patient on learning, it sought of just happens and then you have got it.

The Cons:


  • Be careful of battery lead wires,they are not very long and you could pull them from mother board if you do not hold both connections when removing battery.
  • To be blunt the canopy is a shit poly material that if you crash and do not make sure canopy pushed down the props will rip it apart-There are some guys producing some really good home made canopies, will keep you posted.
  • After many crashes a motor burnt out, now that could be because of the crashes hitting a wall at home, so consider buying two motors for spares,clockwork and anti clock wise-would love to have the MQX with brush less motors, however that would put the weight extra and guess the overall cost of this quad.
  • Manual was just ok,but I am a bit fussy that way.
  • Consider buying more props both counter clockwise and clockwise, you will bend them and relates to less stable flight when you bend them back int position.
  • To me the Blade MQX is not for a beginner. I say that because this is not a toy at $150 rtf (ready to fly) approx to start out with. You would be better with a Syma S107G for $24 to learn how to use the remote and flying techniques.


Buying Advice For The Blade MQX:

  • Would I recommended you buy the Blade MQX? A definite yes, I now have two and one always in the trunk of my car.
  • Easy To Repair and get parts for at cheap prices.
  • The RTF Version (Ready to fly) offers all to start flying- then buy a Spektrum remote that will work for all rc products.
  • Below is my safe buying place Amazon..They have a great return policy if the product is damaged or faulty.


Blade MQX Specifications:

Key Features

  • AS3X® 3-axis stabilization system
  • 4-in-1 DSM2® receiver/ESCs/mixer/AS3X sensor unit
  • Durable, lightweight airframe
  • Potent 8.5mm brushed motors with protective drive gear guards
  • Can be flown in “X” or “+” configurations
  • Sleek, low-profile body with sharp mQX graphics
  • Includes E-flite® 1S 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po battery
  • Includes E-flite Celectra™ 1-cell DC variable rate Li-Po charger


I will be posting other places to buy as I check them out-At this stage stay with Amazon– If you have a problem in your country getting Amazon to post to you here is a tip: Get a USA address for free and they will send to most places in the world for $25..still a cheaper option than buying from a model shop… comgateway



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